Everything you need to plan missions, automate your operations, track program activity and analyze your data.

Draganfly’s DGroundControl software is a powerful flight planning tool that provides simple templates for multiple operational types, including grid survey, corridor mapping, and orbital structure scan, while still giving full control for in-depth automated flight commands. DGroundControl software supports all current Draganfly UAV platforms and provides users with flexible flight planning and execution capabilities. The user interface dynamically updates automatically depending on the aircraft and payload to give users the controls they need while reducing unneeded clutter.

Designed and manufactured in North America.

Designed and manufactured
in North America.

This simple, easy to use software is supplied with all Draganfly UAV platforms and includes a Software In The Loop simulator for training and development of real-world flight operations.


Key Features

Import shapefiles (.kmz, .shp) to ensure target flight area is captured.

Automatic adjustment of flight speed and shutter interval based on camera specs to ensure reliable data collection.

Pause and resume automated missions to support battery changes for large coverage area operations.

Quick access buttons for Return to Launch, Smart Return to Launch, and Land Now features to aid with ease of operation.

Automated payload target tracking for both static and moving objects (with supported payloads).

Built in automated preflight checklists.

No internet connection required for field flight operations.

Optimized for use on Windows and Android OS.

Real time video link and customizable telemetry display so the PIC can closely monitor all aspects of the mission.

Download DGround Control Software

Get it for free. No registration needed.

Get it for free.
No registration needed.


The Pix4D drone software suite is the premiere drone photogrammetry solution for UAV-based data collection. Extremely powerful and easy to use, Pix4D’s products create flexible outputs used in countless applications for a wide range of industries including agriculture, mining, environmental monitoring, emergency services, construction, and more!

Pix4D transforms aerial photographic data collected into geo-referenced 2D orthomosaics, Digital Terrain Models (DTM), 3D models, and vegetation indices. Pix4D creates highly accurate models to measure, evaluate, and visually review the data, which can also be exported for use in most other third-party GIS programs.

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