Universal Control System

The Draganfly UCS is a versatile, ergonomically designed, handheld ground control system to provide precise control over a wide variety of vehicles, collect data, display digital video downlink, and support two-way audio.

Designed and manufactured in North America.

Designed and manufactured
in North America.

Best In The Industry


The Draganfly Universal Control System (UCS) is a complete, handheld ground control system (GCS) that is built to integrate with other software and hardware systems. The UCS takes a modular approach to leverage the most value from your tablet computer. Snap it into the UCS and you have a full function GCS. When the project or mission is complete, remove the tablet to start processing data, review video with a client over lunch, and complete your work. The UCS is designed to provide precise control over sUAS helicopters, fixed-wing, and ground-based robots. Draganfly software provides sophisticated flight planning, automated takeoff, grid following, waypoints, landing, data collection, and video downlink.

For flight planning, the system provides all the information needed to design the flight. For large projects, you have the ability to link search grids and all the other features you’ve come to expect from a quality GCS.

Multi-tablet Support

Even without a tablet installed, the UCS is capable of operating a vehicle. Simply snap in your tablet and it becomes a sophisticated handheld ground control system. The UCS also expands to accept the tablet, then snaps in place to make the two pieces function as one and provide automated flight planning, high quality digital video downlink, and with our ground based robot, two-way audio.

Mission Planning

When the UCS is flying a helicopter or fixed wing system, it takes on the personality to perform flight planning, display real-time aircraft and system telemetry, and enable touchscreen control launch, recovery, and automated flight commands. In addition to control aspects of the device, the UCS software maintains detailed flight logging data, digital video downlink, video recording, and Pix4D aerial 3D mapping. When connected to a ground based robot, the interface transforms to provide configuration control, display video from multiple sources, and two-way audio.

Key Features

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