Professional Drones for Agriculture

Draganfly has a legacy as a global leader in designing commercial drones for agriculture. Our hardware and extensive sensor options come together to create crop monitoring and analysis systems that empower our partners to assess inventory, manage their fields, monitor how environmental factors impact crop yields, and ultimately maximize production.

Quantix VTOL Take off

Draganfly can help you monetize your data and improve production anywhere in the world, any time of the year.

Our farming partners span the entire agriculture industry, and include: commercial producers analyzing crop health, drainage and irrigation issues, and invasive species; breeders developing new species and testing chemicals to treat them; and researchers seeking high degrees of detail in crop performance data. Agriculture is a year-long process for many companies, which is why we offer direct and local dealer support for our products and services in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. 

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Commercial Drones Designed for Agriculture


Enjoy the vertical takeoff and landing options of a multi-rotor with the increased coverage area of a fixed wing in a single drone with the Quantix Mapper. This VTOL was designed to be simple to operate, and offers 45-minute flight times with 400 acres of coverage per flight.

Quantix Mapper Front View
Dranganfly and MicaSense


The Draganflyer Commander is a high-endurance, electric, autonomous quadcopter drone built on our patented carbon fiber folding airframe with interchangeable payloads for missions requiring high resolution imagery. Its dual battery system powers 35-minute flight times, making it ideal for capturing high resolution imagery from various sensors.


The Draganfly Tango2 offers flight times up to twice as long as other drones, making it ideal for collecting high-quality imagery data during long and low flights. Add multiple sensors to this fully autonomous solution to collect any number of data points in a single flight simultaneously.

Draganfly Tango2

Craft a custom professional drone solution for agriculture

We work with many enterprise partners to craft unique solutions to meet their data needs, starting with the right base system – fixed wing, multi rotor, or hybrid – and coupling it with sensors, software, and services that will give you insights to empower performance.


We pair our UAV hardware with visual, thermal, LIDAR, hyperspectral, and other sensors to create an analytics system that fits your exact needs.


We have strategic relationships with industry leading post-processing software companies enabling you to obtain the best outputs and insights for your project.


We offer flight, data, and integration services for producers, consultants, breeders, and researchers who are looking for an end-to-end partnership.

Work with Draganfly on the perfect solution

Contact our team to discuss our ready-to-ship commercial drones and custom solutions.