Drones for Military and Government

Air and ground drone for military operations

Military and government organizations, and defence contractors partner with Draganfly to act as a force multiplier to operations, increase safety of personnel, and enhance intelligence and data infrastructure. We design and manufacture custom airframes, payloads, and robotic systems, as well as offer management services for complex flight operations.

Our team of industry experts hold advanced pilot certificates and are approved to fly in controlled airspaces, including airports. Canada’s Controlled Goods Program has approved our development team to handle ITAR equipment and technologies. Our facilities in Saskatoon, SK and Raleigh, NC are built to secure our technologies, which ensures only approved personnel handle our proprietary hardware and software solutions.

Drone inspection for resource management

North American-Manufactured Turnkey Solutions

The Draganflyer Commander aerial system is built with custom payloads and sensors that can be optimized for military and government use cases. Our proprietary controller can be secured and encrypted as part of an end-to-end package that includes our own UAV’s, or as a standalone option that can be used with other drone systems. By combining our hardware and post-processing software solutions, data can be used to audit and improve responses to reduce exposure and aid in optimizing future high-pressure situations.

As an original manufacturer, we have the internal resources to consistently provide you with unparalleled support to keep your critical systems ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. Lifetime product support and service and a one-year warranty enables you to confidently choose us as your trusted partner when it’s time to begin or expand your RPAS program.

Custom Drone payload and sensor
Wheel Mold

Contract Engineering

Draganfly is a contract engineering partner for federal, state, and municipal government agencies of all sizes. Our in-house team of hardware and software designers, engineers, project managers, and skilled technicians work together to build custom solutions for clients.

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Drones Designed for Military and Government

The Draganflyer Commander is a high-endurance, electric multi-rotor UAV built on our patented carbon fiber folding airframe with interchangeable payloads. The Commander is perfect for high-stress, high-risk applications due to its ease of use and ability to rapidly deploy. This turnkey solution is both manufactured and supported in North America so you can be confident in the integrity of your data and investment.

Drone investigation

Draganflyer Digital Video Network

Our experienced team of system engineers have designed and implemented our infrastructure with network security as the top priority. The 128bit AES encrypted digital video down-link system delivers sharp, crystal clear video that can be networked and shared to multiple devices. This AES encryption ensures that your most valuable asset, your data, is fully secured in any high-pressure situation.

Research Drone

The Team You Can Trust

With more than 22 years of experience manufacturing drones for the military and government sectors in North America, our team has designed the Draganflyer Commander to help public agencies protect life, mitigate risk, and reduce liability.

We have a long history of supporting and working with public safety agencies worldwide. Our team has extensive experience working with several U.S. Department of Defense approved entities. Our successful past performance history recently led to a teaming agreement with AeroVironment who entrusted us with the exclusive worldwide distribution of their commercial hybrid VTOL system, the Quantix Mapper.

We are backed by a world-class team of advisors and subject matter experts who empower us to be the world’s leading professional drone designer and manufacturer.

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“Draganfly’s proven leadership working with global military and government agencies has allowed us to scale and rapidly deploy important technology solutions. As we move forward, drones and autonomous technology will continue to be an increasingly important part of ensuring public safety.”

— Andy Card, Draganfly Board of Directors Member, Current Chairman of the National Endowment for Democracy, Former White House Chief of Staff and U.S. Secretary of Transportation

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