Professional Drones for Public Safety

With more than 22 years of experience manufacturing drones for public safety in North America, we have designed our Draganflyer Commander Public Safety Drone Package to help public agencies and private enterprises protect life, mitigate risk, and reduce liability. Our team has the necessary experience to seamlessly integrate our solutions with your existing infrastructure and workflows to efficiently enhance your current safety systems.

Police Drone

Turnkey Solutions to Help Serve and Protect

Our aerial systems are built with custom payloads and sensors to digitize scenes, monitor public events, locate objects, and respond to natural disasters more efficiently and safely than traditional on-the-ground manpower. With a combination of our hardware and post-event processing software solutions, data can be used to audit and improve responses to reduce exposure and aid in optimizing future emergency response situations.

As an original manufacturer, we have the in-house expertise to consistently provide you unparalleled support to keep your critical systems ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. With a one year warranty and lifetime product support and service, confidently choose us as your committed partner to enhancing your safety programs.

Commercial Drones Designed for Public Safety


The Draganflyer Commander is a high-endurance, electric multi-rotor UAV built on our patented carbon fiber folding airframe with interchangeable payloads. The Commander is perfect for high-stress, high-risk applications due to its ease of use and ability to rapidly deploy. This turnkey solution is both manufactured and supported in North America so you can be confident in the integrity of your data and investment.

Draganfly Commander


Enterprises and public safety authorities use the Commander for collision reconstruction, site monitoring, search and rescue, digital surface modeling, tactical overwatch, fire services, and other use cases to gain visual oversight during critical missions. Designed with simultaneous dual video streams from both the FLIR and E/O cameras, our Digital Video Network also features 128bit AES Encrypted, WPA2-CCMP.

Draganflyer Digital Video Network

When it comes to network security, our system engineers have designed and implemented our secure infrastructure with simplicity as the primary goal. The 128bit AES encrypted digital video down-link system delivers sharp, crystal clear video that can be networked and shared to multiple devices. This AES encryption ensures that your most valuable asset, your data, is fully secured in any high-pressure situation.
Draganfly Controller
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