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Medical Response:

Drones Designed To Deliver

During active emergency, medical and disaster response situations, Draganfly’s drones can make the difference. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) help crews reduce response times, improve situational awareness and increase overall efficiency.

Our Medical Response Drone is able to provide first responders with visual oversight of a scene and ensures the timely delivery of temperature-sensitive medical supplies including blood, vaccines and test samples to dangerous or hard-to-reach areas.


Draganfly’s Medical Response Drone is designed in North America to ensure the integrity of our hardware and the security of your data.

Fast & Effective

Utilizing Draganfly’s advanced payload systems, our Medical Response Drone is able to reliably transport up to 35 pounds of crucial medical supplies and equipment.

Ready to Deliver

The Medical Response Drone is equipped with our innovative temperature managed payload box, which is able to maintain cold chain requirements for temperature-sensitive medical supplies. The Payload Box can be uniquely top mounted for ease of access, or bottom mounted for quick release missions.


Drones As
First Responders

Safely deliver crucial supplies and equipment to dangerous or hard-to-reach areas with Draganfly’s Medical Response Payload Box.

Patient Outcomes

Utilizing real-time video feeds, drones enable emergency crews to initiate patient evaluations before ambulances arrive.


Draganfly’s high-speed controller ensures precise control and secure data transmission.
Following our humanitarian efforts to support those affected by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, orders for the Medical Response and Search and Rescue Drones are expected to ship in Q4.

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