As Temperature Checks Become the Norm, Thermal Imaging Demand is Soaring

Without a pandemic vaccine in hand, companies, airports, schools, and hospitals are turning to temperature scanning technology, such as infrared thermal cameras, in an effort to help reduce the spread of the virus. “Thermal imaging and sensing technology will certainly be among the lines of defense against the virus, according to market research firm Yole Développement, triggering a boom in the market for thermal technologies. Between 2019 and 2020, the thermal imager and thermal detector markets are projected to rise by 76 percent and 20 percent, respectively,” as reported by EE Times.

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In addition, according to Reuters, “Thermal cameras, which measure the amount of energy an object emits relative to its surroundings, represent a potentially safer non-contact alternative. The cameras scan people as they enter through doorways or hallways and send alerts to pull aside an employee for a check with a thermometer.” As demand increases, some of the top companies to keep an eye on include Draganfly, AgEagle Aerial Systems, Remark Holdings , FLIR Systems, and Identiv.

Draganfly BREAKING NEWS: Draganfly an award-winning, industry-manufacturer and systems developer is pleased to announce that Alabama State University has selected Draganfly’s Vital Intelligence Smart Thermal Temperature Assessement Stations, Vital Signs Assessment Stations and Social Distancing awareness technologies to be used campus-wide to detect potential symptoms of COVID-19.

Draganfly’s Vital Intelligence Smart Thermal Assessment Station and Vital Sign Screening technology provides a quick, non-invasive (contactless) and anonymous measurement of an elevated body temperature and, with voluntary consent, heart rate, respiratory rate and O2 saturation, all from a camera that takes seconds to capture. The Social Distancing Awareness unit ensures compliance with social distancing guidelines.

The platform does not register any personal data of the individual being screened. Data provided back to Alabama State University will include the number of individuals screened, number of elevated temperatures and potential cases with elevated vital signs detected and the time it took for each screening. The data will also provide real-time data on the overall health of Alabama State University’s community in relation to scans.

As we enter into a new school year during this pandemic, the safety of our students, faculty and staff is of utmost importance,” said Dr. Quinton T. Ross Jr., President, Alabama State University. “We have implemented a number of safety measures as we prepared for the reopening of the campus.The Smart Thermal Temperature Screening Stations are an added layer of protocols that assist us in identifying and mitigating the risk of the spread of COVID-19. Draganfly has provided us with the approved requirements needed to do this effectively. The stations are an essential tool in screening large team of people in a short period of time.”

Alabama State University has agreed to purchase and install 5 Smart Thermal and Vital Sign Assessment units and 5 Social Distancing Awareness units to be stationed across the campus and accessible by its staff, faculty and 4,000-plus students. Individuals who appear to have an elevated temperature could then be screened by a medical professional to confirm the presence of fever.

The Smart Thermal Temperature Assessment Stations, Vital Sign Assessment Stations and Social Distancing units are North American made and owned.

Re-opening our schools is imperative,” said Sen. Bobby Singleton (D- Greensboro). “We want to implement a safe, accurate and measurable protocol to enable this to happen. With all the fear, uncertainty and loss that COVID-19 has caused, we need to change the landscape of public education in Alabama. I am confident that the Draganfly Vital intelligence platform, which fits with the Safely Opening Schools (SOS) Program, will help to do just that.”

We are excited that Alabama State University has chosen Draganfly to implement our Vital Intelligence technology on their campus,” said Cameron Chell, CEO of Draganfly. “A screening protocol before entering their on-campus facilities is an important preventative measure during this pandemic. In addition, providing informative data in relation to the number of faculty, staff and students tested can help to assess the overall health of their facility and help to keep their school safe and open.

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