Cheddar: Alabama State University Implements New Covid Screening Tech

Alabama State implements screening technology
Alabama State University is among one of the many schools welcoming students back onto their campus this semester. So far, the school has zero confirmed coronavirus cases, thanks in part to cutting-edge technology installed around their campus. ASU President Quinton T Ross, Jr. joins us to discuss his school's preventative measures.

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Dr. Quinton T. Ross, Alabama State University President was live today on @cheddar discussing the recent Draganfly  Vital Intelligence  Safe School Solution™ installation which includes Smart Thermal and Social Distancing technologies.

“The Draganfly technology that we have implemented on our campus has been a godsend to us, It has been an asset to all the protocols we have set in place to identify and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 on campus. Our students, faculty and staff have embraced this new piece of technology. In, addition the social distancing machines we have really become a culture shift for us.”  ~Dr. Quinton T. Ross

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