FOX NEWS: Technology on college campuses fight against COVID19

Vital Intellegence ASU
Draganfly’s tech enables universities to get ahead of COVID-19 curve

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Alabama State University (ASU) is able to measure real-time data never before practically available. Students can within seconds get contactless temperature readings plus heart rate and respiratory rate measurements. ASU is now able to coordinate with their health services testing so that on an ongoing basis, their students that measure with possible infectious conditions can immediately be tested.⁣
⁣Alabama State University recently installed Draganfly Inc’s  Vital Intelligence Smart Thermal + Vital screening and Social Distancing Awareness units stationed across the campus. Measuring real-time anonymous data which has previously not been available, student, faculty, and staff can receive, within seconds, contactless temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate readings.⁣
⁣The university has also seen a notable improvement in social distancing since installation.⁣
⁣Video courtesy of @fox5atlanta and @jaylawhitfieldtv


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