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Draganfly Announces Motorsport Development Programme Ahead of BF Goodrich Tires Mint 400

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Draganfly announced that it is undertaking a motorsport development programme as part of its partnership with the Draganfly Trophy Truck team.

Earlier this year, Draganfly became a key factor for the Trophy Truck Team, led by legendary off-road racing driver Ryan Arciero. The Trophy Truck, driven by Arciero, went on to win the prestigious 2021 MaxxisTires “Casey Folks” Vegas to Reno race in August.

Trophy Trucks, also referred to as “Trick Trucks”, race through some of the most inhospitable terrain known within the racing world, which presents both natural and man-made challenges. Using advanced UAV technology, Draganfly is giving its team the edge. In addition to mapping out courses prior to races, the Company has implemented a thermal technology solution to help Arciero and his navigator see through dust. Providing a bird’s-eye perspective, the aerial imaging capabilities of Draganfly’s drones are also allowing the Trophy Truck team to fine-tune the performance of their vehicle during pre-race testing and live events.

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