Draganfly Selected as Exclusive Manufacturer for Valqari Drone Delivery Stations and Receives Initial $400,000 Order

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Draganfly is pleased to announce that it has entered into an exclusive manufacturing agreement with Valqari LLC (“Vaqari”) to produce Valqari’s Drone Delivery Stations.

Valqari is focused on solving the “last inch” logistic problems associated with drone deliveries. The Valqari Delivery Station is a patented universal drone receptacle for package delivery and pick-up. It will allow Valqari to revolutionize drone deliveries for industries including pharmaceuticals, meal delivery, grocery services, governments, and residential e-commerce. As per the terms of the announced agreement, Draganfly will be the exclusive manufacturer and assembler of the Delivery Stations.

“Valqari has established itself as the early global leader in the drone delivery station market. Their patented technology is a perfect fit for Draganfly manufacturing, logistics, and value added services. We look forward to being a key provider and partner to Valqari as they continue to cement their market leading position,” said Cameron Chell, CEO of Draganfly.

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