Draganflyer Commander

The Draganflyer Commander is a high-endurance, electric multirotor UAV built on our patented carbon fiber folding airframe with interchangeable payloads. Its dual battery system powers 35-minute flight times, making it ideal for capturing high resolution imagery from various sensors during long-and-low flights.

Draganfly Commander

Draganflyer Commander

The ease of a turnkey solution with the flexibility of customization
Draganfly offers the Commander in a number of pre-assembled packages designed for major industries like agriculture, insurance, energy, environmental, and public safety. These solutions come ready-to-use, meaning you’ll never need to purchase a component from another manufacturer. We also build custom fleets for enterprise organizations with highly specific data needs. And since our drones, components, sensors, and software are North American-manufactured and supported, you can be confident in the integrity of both your data and your investment.
pre-assembled packages

A solution for every project

Draganflyer Commander Backpack

Commander Ag-Pro Package

The Draganflyer Commander Ag-Pro drone comes with everything you need to manage your ag operations this season. Researchers, universities, feed companies, and enterprise organizations use the Commander for large projects that require long flight times, like crop health assessment, irrigation monitoring, and yield optimization.

Commander Public Safety Package

Public safety authorities like fire, police, and hazmat units use the Commander multirotor to gain visual oversight during critical missions like fire services and search and rescue, and to gain insights about large-scale operations, like site monitoring and collision reconstruction.

Commander Mapping Package

Mining, oil and gas, construction, and electric companies use the Commander quadcopter for high-level oversight, like infrastructure assessments, inventory and volumetric measurements, and environmental impact – all without putting personnel at risk or shutting down operations.

Commander Photography Package

Insurance carriers, adjusters, and commercial property owners use the Commander for jobs that require high-level visual assessment and data collection that could put personnel at risk, including: tower, infrastructure, and real estate inspection; site management; and accident reconstruction.

Key Features

North American-made and supported

Draganfly manufactures our UAV systems and provides ongoing support exclusively in North America, ensuring the integrity of your hardware and your data.

Secure communications

Our high-speed, remarkably invulnerable controller was developed with data sensitivity and secure data transmission as a top priority.

Long and low flights

The Commander quadcopter is ideal for flights that require highly detailed data collection from a variety of sensors, which can be customized based on your unique data needs.

Turnkey UAV solutions

Our pre-assembled packages ensure you have all the components you need to fly your drone the day it arrives. You’ll never have to buy outside of the Draganfly suite of products.

Work with Draganfly on the perfect solution

Contact our team to discuss our ready-to-ship, turnkey commercial drones and custom solutions.

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