Payloads and Sensors

We develop and build unmanned aircraft for a wide range of applications, but we also realize that these are just flying machines and data collection is your top priority. The real value in UAV systems comes from high-quality sensors to effectively collect decision quality data.

industry-leading technology

We partner with the best sensor manufacturers globally and integrate a diverse range of sensors and cameras into our OEM and third-party drone infrastructure to support unique use cases. We wholeheartedly believe that there is a perfect tool for every job out there. We are proud to work with industry leaders in remote sensing to create turnkey solutions to meet your specific needs.


High Resolution RGB

Our camera partners offer sensors ranging from 18MP to 100MP color visual light still cameras intended for broad use cases such as agriculture, surveying, public safety, and infrastructure inspection. These cameras are tightly integrated and ideal for applications when high spatial accuracy is important to provide you a real time overview of your scene. This technology is also perfect for capturing high resolution imagery for post processing and analysis.

Draganflyer Commander Payload Sensor


These specialty cameras are tightly integrated with our RPAS platforms and flight planning software to accurately capture imagery in specific targeted light bands. We work with industry leaders including MicaSense, Tetracam, StantRange, and others to engineer the perfect solution for each unique use case.

Particularly useful in the agricultural industry, these cameras allow researchers, breeders, and producers to capture the spectral range and resolution needed to calculate vegetation indices (VIs) for monitoring crop health, growth, and biomass.

Empowering researchers with data for phenotyping and agronomists with valuable insights for crop prescription, the range of multispectral cameras supported on our platforms also have applicability in environmental monitoring and research and commercial industries where natural resource management is a priority. We offer and support a range of multispectral sensors to fit your operations with both passive and stabilized gimbal mounting options.

Micasense drone sensor


Offering a much wider spectral range than multispectral cameras, these line scanning sensors provide users extremely fine spectral resolution to target multiple user defined, narrow light bands. Hyperspectral sensors find practical use cases in agricultural phenotyping research, environmental monitoring, and inspections for the energy sector. We support and offer hyperspectral imagers on multiple UAV platforms with passive and stabilized gimbal mounting options.

Hyperspectral sensor


Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) provides extremely accurate distance measurements and improved resolution over conventional photogrammetry methods. Often used for mapping and surveying, this sensor works well when there is dense ground cover or tree canopy. Please note that this system is generally large and heavy which requires high lift UAV platforms.

LiDAR sensor cloud data

Thermal Infrared

Particularly useful in the agricultural industry, these cameras allow researchers, breeders, and producers to capture the spectral range and resolution needed to calculate vegetation indices (VIs) for monitoring crop health, growth, and biomass. 

Commonly used by emergency response teams and for infrastructure inspection, thermal infrared cameras give invaluable information for search and rescue, fire response and management, and identifying damaged energy sector infrastructure. We offer thermal infrared cameras installed stand alone or alongside RGB visual light sensors to simultaneously capture thermal and visual data. Thermal Infrared sensors are integrated on stabilized gimbal mounts.

drone payload sensor


Used to survey fine geomagnetic variations to identify potential underground mineral deposits and buried ferrous metals, magnetometers are important tools for archaeology, geological exploration, and energy infrastructure inspection. 

Magnometer data from mapping drone

Custom Payloads

If you don’t see the sensor for the data collection you need, please get in touch! Our team will be happy to work with you to design and develop a custom solution to efficiently capture your niche dataset from the air.

Custom Drone payload and sensor
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