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Draganfly Surveyor drone flight planning software is an intuitive, easy to use, application that enables you to quickly plan, fly, and process meaningful data. Whether you’re documenting an accident scene or determining crop health, our drone software provides a complete, integrated solution to deliver high quality data.

Based on the project, camera type, optics, and altitude, the drone software determines the appropriate camera shutter interval, aircraft speed, and flight plan to capture the optimum required photo overlap to generate 2D and 3D maps and models. Draganfly Surveyor directly integrates with Pix4Dmapper for survey-grade results and can be used alongside other third party photogrammetry programs.

Draganfly Universal Control System (UCS)


Draganfly Surveyor

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The Pix4D drone software suite is the premiere drone photogrammetry solution for UAV-based data collection. Extremely powerful and easy to use, Pix4D’s products create flexible outputs used in countless applications for a wide range of industries including agriculture, mining, environmental monitoring, emergency services, construction, and more!

Pix4D transforms aerial photographic data collected into geo-referenced 2D orthomosaics, Digital Terrain Models (DTM), 3D models, and vegetation indices. Pix4D creates highly accurate models to measure, evaluate, and visually review the data, which can also be exported for use in most other third-party GIS programs.

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