The Draganfly Tango2 is a high endurance, dual battery, small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) capable of carrying a wide array of payload systems. The aircraft utilizes the Draganfly intelligent power management system to extend flight time while increasing safety. This ready-to-fly solution is ideal for agricultural monitoring and research, mapping, surveying, environmental monitoring, and search and rescue.

Tango2 fixed-wing uav

Fully Autonomous, High Endurance Aerial Platform


The Draganfly Tango2 is a complete, ready-to-fly, multi-mission capable system with interchangeable payloads and fully automated flight. The Draganfly catapult is designed to get the aircraft launched safely with minimal risk to the aircraft, crew, or mission.

Quality composite construction and the unique active nacelle pusher design provides an efficient, reliable, and stable aerial platform. The expansive wing surface area of the Tango2 provides the ability to fly at slower speeds, which enables greater image resolution, precision, and control over safe landings.

fixed wing drone (uav) launch

Active Nacelle

The aircraft provides an interesting signature against the sky but the steerable active nacelle plays a critical role to provide thrust while keeping the aircraft “on-the-grid” in cross wind conditions. The active nacelle acts as a rudder to improve efficiency, reduce noise, and provide an extra layer of safety from the spinning prop.

The efficiency of the nacelle pusher design and overall aircraft streamlining provides a flight time of 90 minutes. Additional batteries can be used for increased flight duration.

Modular Payload Design

The Tango2 fixed wing features a modular system to allow for the quick release and swap out of various payloads. The payload bay is an integral part of the airframe, which provides strength plus the flexibility to quickly install or swap systems. Different payloads are supported with either a multi-axis stabilized gimbal or a fixed position mount.

In addition to control aspects of the device, the UCS software maintains detailed flight logging data, digital video downlink, video recording, and Pix4D aerial 3D mapping. When connected to a ground based robot, the interface transforms to provide configuration control, display video from multiple sources, and two-way audio.

Tango2 UAV in flight

Key Features

Made in North America

The Tango2 is designed, manufactured, and supported in North America. You can be confident in the integrity of your data and the security of your investment.

Powerful Payloads

The modular payload bay has the ability to support multi-axis stabilized data acquisition options such as high-res EO color, thermal infrared, multispectral, and others. The included autopilot assists with mapping, surveying, agriculture, and critical public safety missions.

Payloads are complete subsystems, which are specifically designed to mate with the Tango2 airframe. Simply snap the payload into place, configure the mission in the flight planning software, and fly the mission. It's that simple.

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