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Touchless Health Measurement Tech for Symptom Detection

Draganfly operates in partnership with Vital Intelligence to install standalone and airborne health assessment systems at hotels, casinos, family entertainment complexes, shopping centers, and other high-traffic locations. These systems effectively measure social distancing and visitors’ vital signs like temperature, cough, and respiratory rate to identify high-risk visitors and keep your team, your customers, and your brand safe.

Social distance monitoring software
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Vital Intelligence is a data platform that turns an existing camera into a touchless symptom detection system, measuring vital signs and social distancing. Draganfly integrates this groundbreaking technology into a variety of platforms and camera systems – both on the ground and in the air – to assess people coming into and traveling throughout your facility.

Draganflyer Commander drone

“We see this technology having the potential to be installed on thousands of drones and millions of camera networks.”


Javaan ChahlUniversity of South Australia


Entrance Pre-Screening System

The Draganfly and Vital Intelligence Pre-Screening System measures social distancing and visitors’ health statuses as they enter your facility. The proprietary system assesses temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, and cough detection to clue you into visitors who might put other patrons at risk of infection. This system is available in two formats: a moveable kiosk allows you to change the location of your system depending on traffic patterns, and a ceiling-mounted system faces your entryway and is a more discreet, low-footprint option. 

Prescreening tech - Vital Intellegence
Social Distance monitoring

Social Distancing Building-Wide Systems

The Social Distancing Building-Wide System detects and informs you of breeches in social distancing protocol in your facility. This solution can be integrated with your existing security camera network or installed as a separate stand alone system.

Airborne Public Safety System

The Airborne Public Safety System combines Draganfly’s world-class Commander drone with high-powered cameras to deliver social health data to your team on the ground. The Thermal Commander transmits temperature, cough, and heart and respiratory rate data to your team, while the Social Distancing Commander detects breeches in social distancing protocol and gives you the ability to address at-risk individuals via a built-in speaker system. 

Draganflyer Commander drone


Draganfly partners with stadiums, arenas, and other large public venues to administer drone-powered large scale sanitization via UAV. Draganfly drones release a mist of Varigard surface spray, effectively coating the entire stadium in COVID-19-killing disinfectant.

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