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Our custom-designed training packages are tailored to your specific operations and use cases. We offer basic training for new UAV owners, up to advanced classes for users who understand the fundamentals and are looking for new ways to increase flight efficiency or comply with federal regulations.
Systems training involves pre-flight, standard operating, and emergency procedures. We also cover set up, basic maintenance, an overview of using payloads, and flying practice. Our courses are perfect for users who want high-level regulations training and are seeking to become more comfortable with flight operations.
Our courses comply with Canadian regulations to give participants a “need to know” overview of compliance, operator guidelines, and pilot regulations. We also partner with aviation schools for in-depth RPAS ground school to develop a solid foundational understanding of all the regulatory nuances.

drone flight training

Hands-On, In-Person, One-On-One Training

Our teams specialize in working with emergency services including police, fire, and search and rescue personnel. We also support industrial applications, utility and power companies, environmental and agricultural entities, and more.

Not only do we provide training on hardware and flight operations, but we also offer courses on how to best handle and process your imagery and data.

You don’t need to own a Draganflyer to book a training session with us. Start a conversation with us to learn about training options for your specific use cases.

On-site drone training
Drone mapping training

Transport Canada Advanced Pilot Flight Reviews

This practical, hands-on exam can be administered by our team to receive your advanced pilot certificate. Comprising both theory and practical flying, this exam ensures you possess the knowledge and skills to operate your UAV safely as per Transport Canada regulations.

Particularly useful in the agricultural industry, these cameras allow researchers, breeders, and producers to capture the spectral range and resolution needed to calculate vegetation indices (VIs) for monitoring crop health, growth, and biomass.


Our in-house instructors have over 25 years of experience operating UAVs and over 20 years of teaching experience. Certified by Transport Canada’s advanced RPAS pilot certificate with flight reviewer endorsement, we have the ability to teach a variety of technologies including multirotor and fixed wing aircraft. Our team has also helped to design training programs for several other UAV training centres across Canada as well as police and emergency service organizations.

M600 training
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