FOX Business: How drone tech helps monitor students’ health, social distancing compliance

Drone social distance technology on Fox Business
Draganfly CEO Cameron Chell explains what the drone technology does, including providing a contactless, anonymous measurement of people's body temperatures and other health vitals.

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Draganfly featured on Fox Business with Liz Claman

Cameron Chell spoke with @liz__claman in an exclusive interview on Fox Business. ⁣
⁣Alabama State University selected @draganflyinc @vitalintelligence Smart Thermal Temperature Assessment Stations, Vital Signs Assessment Stations and Social Distancing awareness technologies which is being used campus-wide to detect potential symptoms of #COVID19.⁣
⁣Recent outbreaks of COVID-19 have spiked as university and college campuses open for the fall semester. Recent reports indicate that 36 states have reported a total of 8,700 COVID-19 cases as the United States hits over 6 million total cases and 186,436 deaths.⁣
⁣“Every school needs to have Draganfly’s preventative technology on their campus. It is the sensible thing to do as we navigate through these uncharted waters of COVID-19. Draganfly’s Safe School Solution enables us to help keep us our students, faculty and staff safe. This new technology will assist us in identifying and mitigating the risk of the spread of COVID-19. We are proud to be the first US campus to install this cutting-edge technology,” said Dr. Quinton T. Ross, president of Alabama State University. “Working with the Draganfly team has been an amazing process, they are true partners with us.” @asupres15 
⁣“While we await a working vaccine for COVID-19, it is imperative that large organizations, especially schools, adhere to safe public health practices, such as social distancing and temperature checks,” said Dr. Jack C. Chow, former US Ambassador and Assistant Director-General of the World Health Organization on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria and an advisor to Draganfly. “In addition to standard measures, innovative technologies, such as the technologies developed by Draganfly’s Vital Intelligence team, can dramatically bolster the line of defense against the virus on a continuous, non-intrusive basis.  These technologies supply organizations with real-time, actionable information that empowers them to flatten the curve among their constituents.”⁣

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