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20+ Years of Innovation

A Trusted Name in UAV Hardware, Software, Sensors & Services

20+ Years of Innovation

The Trusted Name in
UAV Hardware, Software
Sensors & Services

The Global UAV Leaders in Hardware, Software, Logistics & Services.
Years of
Years of
Years of
Improving Lives
There’s a reason we’ve outlived most drone companies over the past 24 years – sustainability requires innovation. The technology we’ve used to develop a world-changing fleet of drone technology has applications beyond UAVs, and we’re using it to create solutions that improve how people live.

Leveraging a suite of core capabilities to
deliver solutions that improve lives


Engineering the world’s most advanced UAVs.


Crafting technical solutions to solve complex business problems for defense, government, and enterprise.

Data and AI

Pairing hardware with best-in-class tech and interface design for usability and immediate analysis.


Partnering with government and industry to carry out mapping, surveying, and data collection,

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We work with our partners to collect high-quality environmental data using a suite of sophisticated hardware and sensor technology.

Public Safety

Draganflyer was the first drone to save a human life in 2013. Today, we’re still leaders in using drone technology to keep the public safe.

Military & Government

Military and government contractors partner with Draganfly to improve personnel and infrastructure safety.

Environmental & Energy

We equip energy companies with resources they need to optimize existing operations, improve safety, and respond after a natural disaster.


We equip companies with UAV technology for pre-damage baseline and post-event damage assessments of infrastructure to reduce risk when dealing with natural disasters and other catastrophic events.

Health Security

Draganfly builds health screening systems that assess an individual’s vital signs while protecting their personal privacy.


Utilizing advanced payload systems, our First Responder and Drone Delivery Platform allows clients to get essential products and services to some of the most difficult to access areas with ease, overcoming ground transportation limitations in time critical situations.

First Responder

Draganfly’s First Responder (DFR) platform helps emergency crews, including police, fire and EMS, keep communities safe. Our DFR Drones are able to reduce response times, increase situational awareness and improve overall efficiency.

Drone Delivery

Draganfly’s unique turnkey drone delivery platform is fully customizable, providing solutions to organizations where traditional delivery has been cumbersome, costly and time-consuming. Working closely with our customers, we are able to build and operate alternatives to their current business model.

Get In Touch

Learn more about our legacy and the people who got us where we are today, or contact our team to learn more about our suite of products, services, and custom-designed autonomous solutions.
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