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A glance into authentic accounts that spotlight the practical impact of Draganfly’s advanced technologies across diverse industries.

We are pleased to add Draganfly’s cutting-edge drone technology into our product line as an option for enhancing the management and response process for emergency personnel during incidents. This addition adds another surveillance asset, providing necessary situational awareness at the incident.

Bill Dickerson


Draganfly has been a key partner in our efforts to support Ukraine during this challenging time, their drone technology can enable Ukraine first responders to safely navigate and plan their response in hazardous and hard-to-reach areas, ultimately enhancing their ability to effectively manage the challenging situation.

Kevin Royle


As the CEO of Skyebrowse, I am thrilled to partner with Draganfly, a leader in the UAV and drone industry. Together, we can leverage our expertise and cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the way we approach aerial data collection and analysis, ultimately enhancing the safety of our first responders and military personnel. We at SkyeBrowse are eager to watch this partnership take flight together towards new heights of innovation and success.

Bobby Ouyang


Partnership with Draganfly and their ability to design, prototype and manufacture new products helped us develop the next generation of the Promo Drone platform. Their ability to provide comprehensive value, from product development to marketing and administrative infrastructure, is key to achieving our goal of providing customers with awareness and preparedness through our innovative platform.

Jamar Williams


Draganfly has been providing drone systems and drone pilot training since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Their essential training will help to solidify and scale the essential drone pilot training required to increase operational effectiveness across the Ministry’s jurisdictions.

Volodymyr Cherniei


Draganfly’s drone technology is crucial in helping ensure our first responders remain safe while responding to emergencies. Drones are the primary tools in this conflict. They provide our first responders with the necessary information to respond to operations effectively.

Yurii Anykiienko


CorrecTek is excited to have integrated with Draganfly leveraging this effective technology. Our collective goal is to enhance patient care and reduce staff workload by providing seamless integration of information into the CorrecTek record for the benefit of the medical authority.

Dan Jarrett


We live and operate among vast spreads of land controlled by the US government. We wanted to find a drone solution that would provide us with the best ROI and help the overall growth of our business. Extended flight time and a PPK (Post Processed Kinematic) option were priorities in our search. That’s when we found the Swiss Army Knife of drones: Draganfly’s Commander 3XL. The improved flight times of this platform will lead to better production. The platform’s versatility will enable us to multitask between our imagery mapping and heavier payloads. We look forward to the arrival of the Commander 3 XL.

Curtis Pate


DEF-C is a trusted provider to multiple Ukraine agencies. The integration of Draganfly’s solutions into our multiple civil and military projects has been well received, and we look forward to expanding this strategic partnership,

Yuri Syvytsky


We are thrilled to be celebrating another successful drone deployment with Draganfly. The company’s Situational Assessment and Medical Response Drones will help RSU reduce response times, improve situational awareness, and increase overall efficiency as the non-profit organization scales up its humanitarian aid operations in Ukraine.

Wayne Williams


Our main focus is the health, well-being and safety of our students, staff and community. Draganfly’s Smart Vital Kiosks will help Perry County Schools provide the healthiest instructional environment possible.

Dr. Marcia Smiley


Since 2020, Draganfly has invested in new capabilities in drone-based magnetometer technology and other remote sensing equipment. The depth of the Draganfly engineering team, drone services group, and expert advisory in public safety was instrumental to get us to these first tests.

Dinesh Kandanchatha


Health and safety have been at the forefront of our planning efforts and we have gone to great lengths to help provide a safe environment for our guests. We are excited to work with Draganfly who has the scientific, engineering and operational expertise to do this.

Craig Jackson


This technology will enable real-time vital sign screening which has become a critical component in providing our clients with a comprehensive public safety solution. We chose Draganfly’s because of their commitment to providing the best, most secure and accurate vital signs screening available.

William Santana Li


Every dollar spent on prevention is a dollar saved on operation costs that would be impacted if we had to shut down due to a COVID-19 outbreak. We are committed to having processes and innovative tools such as Draganfly in place to help us to ensure that our faculty, staff, and students remain safe.

Dr. Quinton T. Ross Jr.


Draganfly’s technology will provide a seamless solution that keeps pilots flying even in the most difficult or remote areas during critical missions. We are extremely excited about this partnership which will provide a full drone solution using vision-based, global navigation for GPS-denied and spoofed environments for military and government contracts.

Chris Pickett


This partnership will provide turnkey solutions to customers that leverage Draganfly’s class-leading drones and CODAN’s robust technologies for systems that are second to none in their ability to service the global market in any application across all industries.

Paul Sangster


Every dollar spent on prevention is a dollar saved on operation costs that would be impacted if we had to shut down due to a COVID-19 outbreak. We are committed to having processes and innovative tools such as Draganfly in place to help us to ensure that our faculty, staff, and students remain safe.

Dr. Quinton T. Ross Jr.


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Tim Dunnigan


Tim Dunnigan is a thought leader and serial entrepreneur who served 22-years in the U.S. Army as a Soldier, NCO, and Commissioned Officer where he filled a myriad of dynamic leadership roles and global assignments, including three combat tours of duty. His 20-years of entrepreneurial success is guided by transformational ideas and ventures in technology, innovation, and education. Tim is the CEO & Founder at CaptureTec, LLC – a Center for Verification and Evaluation Certified, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (CVE SDVOSB) focused on leadership consultation, systems integration, and solutions that provide data capture for infrastructure assets using aerial, static, and mobile scanning technologies. As the COO and Co-founder at Talon Aerolytics, Tim architected the nation’s largest aerial drone services provider from inception to all 50 states serving clients including AT&T, Nokia, T-Mobile, Ericsson, and Verizon. As the CEO & Founder at Strategic Integration (CVE SDVOSB), Tim developed the CTED (Create, Test, Educate, Deploy) turnkey business model for defense consulting and technology integration, while serving America’s interests abroad through multiple U.S. DoD classified hardware and software contracts in the U.S. and overseas. Additionally, Tim is the Founder of Innovalearn, where he created education content for clients including Aflac, Synovus, Subway, and Cox Communications; the Founder of iK9 (CVE SDVOSB), where he co-authored the Veterans Administration (VA) training protocols for service dogs for Veterans with PTSD; and the Co-founder of GameLink Lounge, where he architected innovative entertainment concepts for Service Members and their families on Military installations across the U.S.

Tim is also the Founder of the I’m a Hero Too Foundation [501(c)(3)] and a children’s book author. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development, a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and Management, and has completed 2-years of PhD studies in Adult Education at Auburn University. Tim’s been awarded 6 patents and currently has two patents pending on an aerial drone delivery system he developed to fill capability gaps he witnessed during his multiple trips to Ukraine.

The Future of Drone Surveillance


Short–range drone surveillance has experienced significant attention thanks to its low cost and efficiency. Long-range drone surveillance beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) is now on the horizon and is set to amplify cost savings regarding resources and time spent on data collection.
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The Future of Drone Delivery


Demand for drone hardware and services has never been greater. From emergency medical deliveries to agricultural management; community, government, and corporate drone usage is expected to see enormous growth up to and beyond 2028.