June 2020

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GNSS Helps Fight Coronavirus While Companies Adapt

As part of the effort to combat the spread of COVID-19 in the United States, UAV company Draganfly has partnered with Australia’s Department of Defense (DOD), the University of South Australia (UniSA) and Vital Intelligence, a company that collects and analyzes healthcare data, to remotely detect and monitor people with infectious and respiratory conditions.


Top 100 drone companies to watch in 2020

Draganfly Innovations hand-makes their systems in North America. They produce drone systems that specialize in public safety applications, aerial photography, industrial inspection, and education/research.

Glasgow Police At An Incident

As America Reopens, Fever-Screening Technology Touted as Promising Tool

Fever-sensing technology has extended above the ground, as well. Police in Westport, Conn., planned to test a “pandemic drone” in partnership with drone company Draganfly, but that effort was quickly abandoned as a result of the public outcry over privacy concerns.

Draganfly CEO Cameron Chell spoke with Fox News about how drone technology can be used for fever detection, public health and safety, and the now-paused Westport Flatten the Curve Pilot Project.

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Draganfly Selected to Globally Integrate Breakthrough Health Diagnosis Technology Immediately onto Autonomous Camera’s and Specialized Drones to Combat Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Future Health Emergencies