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Draganfly’s Vital Intelligence

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Air and ground drone for military operations

Drones for Military and Government

Military and government organizations and defence contractors partner with Draganfly to act as a force multiplier to operations, increase safety of personnel, and enhance intelligence and data infrastructure. We design and manufacture custom airframes, payloads, and robotic systems, as well as offer management services for complex flight operations.

Volumetric modeling

Draganflyer Commander Mapping Package

Surveying, mining, oil and gas, construction, and electric companies use the Draganflyer Commander quadcopter for high-level oversight to avoid putting personnel at risk or shutting down operations.

Police Drone

Draganfly Surveyor

Draganfly Surveyor flight planning software is an intuitive, easy to use, application that enables you to quickly plan, fly, and process meaningful data. Whether you’re documenting an accident scene or determining crop health, our software provides a complete, integrated solution to deliver high quality data.

Police Drone

Draganflyer Commander Public Safety Package

Public safety and emergency response units use the Draganflyer Commander multirotor to gain visual oversight and collect decision quality data during critical missions and large-scale operations.

Commanger Agriculture Drone Package

Payloads and Sensors

We develop and build unmanned aircraft for a wide range of applications, but we also realize that these are just flying machines and data collection is your top priority. The real value in UAV systems comes from high-quality sensors to effectively collect decision quality data.

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Draganfly Industrial Drone
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Draganfly Selected to Globally Integrate Breakthrough Health Diagnosis Technology Immediately onto Autonomous Camera’s and Specialized Drones to Combat Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Future Health Emergencies