Draganfly Announces the Vital Intelligence API for Telehealth Applications

Health Monitoring Technology
The API enables telehealth applications to access the Vital Intelligence technology which will enable such applications to measure heart rate, respiratory rate and SPO2.

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The Vital Intelligence technology supports kiosks, entry systems, hand-held devices, drones, robots, and other edge computing scenarios. With a deployment time of as little as a week, API subscribers will be able to rapidly transform their existing applications without significant retooling of their existing solutions.

Draganfly’s Vital Intelligence Smart Thermal + Vital Assessment Station and Social Distancing Awareness technology provides a quick, non-invasive (contactless) and anonymous measurement of an elevated body temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, all from a camera that takes seconds to capture. The platform does not register any personal data of the individual being screened.

The new API integration addresses two major challenges for development teams:

  1. The integrator does not need to work with thermal cameras, signal processing or screening processes. Draganfly’s system manages the entire process automatically.
  2. The Web-based API is accessible to all common operating systems and development environments.

The Vital Intelligence API integration offers best-in-class workflows, security, and reporting utilizing a pre-built interface that can be white-labeled and directly integrated into any technology stack.

“The API captures our experience about how a system like this can be used. It was designed to allow third-party software to gain access to the capabilities of our range of vital signs solutions,” said Professor Javaan Chahl, Defense Science and Technology Chair at the University of South Australia and Draganfly’s Chief Scientist for the project. “This screening and monitoring technology can now be integrated rapidly in this dynamic environment”.

“Our new API integration is a true innovation accelerator for the telehealth industry,” said Cameron Chell, CEO of Draganfly. “By enabling our technology via an API integration, telehealth organizations will be able to add an additional layer of testing to their own technology eliminating developer time and increasing product innovation. In addition, the time and cost savings will enable customers to quickly adopt our technology with their existing applications which will extend their ecosystem of customers.”

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