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Draganfly Commander Rededge

Draganflyer Commander Ag-Pro Package

The Draganflyer Commander Ag-Pro is a turn-key UAV package with everything you need to manage your agricultural operations this season.

Top Tier Imaging and Data Integrity


The Draganfly Commander Ag-Pro Package includes everything you need to perform crop health assessment, irrigation monitoring and yield optimization. Combining the MicaSense RedEdge-MX multispectral sensor and the Draganflyer Commander UAV, this Ag Pro Package is ideal for projects requiring long flight times, a high level of data resolution and accuracy, and the utmost data security. The automated flight and data collection process makes crop monitoring efficient and repeatable allowing for creation of accurate vegetation indices throughout the growing season.

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Our high-endurance, electric multirotor UAV built on our patented carbon fiber folding airframe boasts a dual battery system powering 35-minute flight times, making it ideal for capturing high resolution images during long and low flights. Automated flight planning tools allow you to easily create a coverage area and flight plan driven by your imagery requirements for automatic flight and data collection.


With the ability to save flight areas for repeated operations and paired with a professionally integrated fixed mount, our Package ensures consistent data collection throughout your growing season. The enhanced storage capacity upgrade for the RedEdge-MX also allows you to fly with larger SD cards to enable even longer or lower flights. While equipped with the Rededge-MX as the standard camera, the Draganflyer Commander supports multiple payloads including high resolution RGB sensors to detect plant emergence early in the season.

Draganflyer Commander
Ag-Pro drone


As the benchmark multispectral sensor for researchers, growers, and enterprise customers, high-quality images are captured with five narrowband imagers to produce maps for a variety of agricultural uses. With two calibration methods, accurate data collection allows for temporal analysis throughout the season and from year to year.

At the start of the growing season, imagery can be used to help monitor growth uniformity with indices like NDVI. Once the crop canopy matures, you can utilize the red edge band to monitor chlorophyll and proactively identify areas experiencing stress.

Throughout the season, the dynamic Draganflyer Commander UAV and Micasense MX sensors can be combined with other software solutions to gain valuable insights ranging from basic scouting, to seed skip/gap identification, irrigation issues, weed detection, and more.

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Key Features


Each component of the Draganflyer Commander Ag Pro Package (including the drone, sensor, and flight controller) are North American-manufactured and supported. You can be confident in the integrity of your data and the security of your investment.


The Draganflyer Commander’s high-speed, remarkably secure controller was developed with data sensitivity and safe data transmission as a top priority. Its lightweight yet extremely durable air frame makes the unit rugged and highly portable These features make the Draganflyer Commander Ag Pro Package perfect for federal, state/provincial, and municipal government procurement; enterprise clients seeking to mitigate operational risk; and end users who prioritize data integrity.

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The Draganflyer Commander Ag Pro Package is a capable and secure solution at an approachable price point of $14,999.

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