Draganflyer Commander Mapping Package

Surveying, mining, oil and gas, construction, and electric companies use the Draganflyer Commander quadcopter for high-level oversight to avoid putting personnel at risk or shutting down operations.

Drone mapping

Turnkey Solutions for 2D Mapping and 3D Models

Draganfly Commander with mapping payload
Enterprises and rural communities use the Draganflyer Commander for site monitoring, measuring volumetrics, digital surface modeling, fire services, and a wide variety of other use cases. Designed with simultaneous dual video streams from both the FLIR and E/O cameras, our Digital Video Network also features 128bit AES Encrypted, WPA2-CCMP.
Draganfly Commander Mapping Drone


Our high-endurance, electric multirotor UAV built on our patented carbon fiber, folding airframe boasts a dual battery system powering 35-minute flight times, making it ideal for capturing high resolution images during long and low flights. Automated flight planning tools allow you to easily create a coverage area and flight plan driven by your imagery requirements for automatic flight and data collection. This “out-of-the-box” ready solution comes equipped with your airframe, flight planning software to easily and seamlessly collect data, and post-processing mapping software. The Draganflyer Commander also supports multiple payloads and sensors that can be flexibly adapted and easily interchanged between flights. A great solution for novice operators, our highly customizable software allows users to modify everything from overlays to the resolution. You can’t go wrong with this adaptable, easy-to-use, turnkey solution.
Professional Mapping Drone


As an original manufacturer, we have the in-house expertise to consistently provide you unparalleled support to keep your critical systems ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. With a one-year warranty and lifetime product support and service, confidently choose us as your committed partner for enhancing your mapping programs.

Key Features


Each component of the Commander Mapping Package (including the drone, sensor, and flight controller) are North American-manufactured and supported. You can be confident in the integrity of your data and the security of your investment.


The Draganflyer Digital Video Network is 128bit AES Encrypted, WPA2-CCMP. Central to the network is the Digital Base Station, responsible for creating the network to provide connectivity between the helicopter, pilot, and networked observers. AES encryption provides robust security and high performance to deliver high quality video.

These features make the Commander Mapping Package perfect for a diverse array of industries including emergency services, oil and gas, mining, surveying, and construction. This technology can be used in a variety of applications to gain insights into large-scale operations such as site monitoring and collision reconstruction.

Draganfly Universal Control System (UCS)


The Pix4D software suite is the premiere photogrammetry solution for UAV-based data collection. Extremely powerful and easy to use, Pix4D’s products create flexible outputs used in countless applications for a wide range of industries including agriculture, mining, environmental monitoring, emergency services, construction, and more!

Pix4D transforms aerial photographic data collected into geo-referenced 2D orthomosaics, Digital Terrain Models (DTM), 3D models, and vegetation indices. Pix4D creates highly accurate models to measure, evaluate, and visually review the data, which can also be exported for use in most other third-party GIS programs. Learn more about our software.

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